Our office offers criminal defense representation for all types of criminal matters.  We accepts cases ranging from simple misdemeanors and juvenile matters up through serious felony matters that carry a potential life sentence.  We are also able to assist clients with getting out of jail or detox at any time, including after hours and on weekends.

Domestic Assault

Domestic violence is one of the most commonly charged offenses throughout Minnesota. Most people equate domestic violence as a fight between a husband and wife. However, the Minnesota statutes set forth a wide range of criminal offenses committed by one family or household member against another. There is no doubt that these charges jeopardize your future liberty, reputation, and relationship with the other party. Some of the implications of a conviction include losing your parental rights, losing contact with your family, and, of course, jail or prison time.

Consequences for these offenses can be far reaching. It may negatively affect your employment, military, or academic status; prohibit you from attending your child’s school or recreational activities; prevent this criminal record from being sealed; and impede your right to own a firearm.

Hennepin County has a dedicated courtroom in their judicial system especially for domestic violence cases. Because there is such a stringent policy against those accused of domestic violence, there is great pressure on police and prosecutors to get results.


“Expungement” involves getting an arrest or conviction sealed. Getting a record expunged can do more than give you a clean slate – it can help you pursue your dream job. Get a loan without explaining an old arrest or conviction. Help you get your firearms back. Or coach your son’s soccer team. Basically, it can help you get back to life.

Juvenile Defense

At Wermerskirchen & Blomquist, LLC, we are a family-focused law firm specializing in cases that impact families. Juvenile cases can have a dramatic impact on not only the juvenile, but the parents and the rest of the family, as well. We focus on a holistic approach to juvenile defense, and prioritize not only getting an excellent result in the case at hand, but discussing ways to insure that no charges are brought again in the future.

Drug Crimes

In Minnesota and throughout the United States the penalties for drug-related criminal offenses are often severe. Drug crime charges alone can have a disastrous impact on one’s life, making it more difficult for an accused individual to maintain healthy relationships with employers, friends, and even the closest family members. The legal ramifications of a drug crime conviction can easily translate to jail or prison sentences, significant financial penalties, and other sanctions that can pose problems for convicted individuals for many years to come.

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